Airbrushing in action! Photo courtesy of Viridian Ivy Images ( )

Airbrushing in action! Photo courtesy of Viridian Ivy Images ( )

What is airbrush makeup and why does almost everyone say it's the best makeup for an important event? Simply put: it feels nearly weightless and it's built to LAST! 

Airbrush makeup refers to a very thin liquid foundation that goes into the chamber of an airbrush gun. Once the air compressor is turned on and air is flowing through the gun, the trigger gets pulled to release the foundation in a fine mist. Airbrushing creates a flawless finish by spraying out the tiniest droplets of makeup in an even layer to give great natural coverage. It is ideal for most skin types. Some artists even airbrush eyeshadows, brows, blush and lips in addition to airbrushing the foundation. Our team loves airbrush, but we only airbrush foundation-  we feel hand-applying the rest of the makeup gives a more desirable effect. 

Not all airbrush foundation formulas are created equal. There are many different types of coverages and finishes on the market. Our favorite kind is silicone-based airbrush foundation because it mimics skin's natural texture with a slightly dewy, radiant finish. Often times our clients are intimidated by airbrush if they've never experienced it before. It's actually very relaxing! It feels just like a soft mist sweeping over your face and once even medium-full coverage is achieved, it is virtually weightless. This is a major perk especially to women who don't like the feeling of heavy makeup! Not to mention it looks incredibly natural. 

Makeup by Amy Lewis & Company uses Temptu's silicone-based foundation which is known for its soft-focus effect that blurs fine lines and lasts up to 24 hours. The formula is sweat-proof, tear-resistant, and a favorite of professional makeup artists for over 15 years which speaks volumes. 

Toledo Airbrush Makeup Artist. Makeup by Amy Lewis & Co. Toledo Makeup.

If you want to feel ultra-glam and pampered, and you also want your makeup to be essentially bullet-proof, then airbrush makeup may right for your next event! If you have any questions about airbrush makeup feel free to drop us a comment below or email us directly: