When it comes to bridal beauty, you have two options: do your own makeup, or hire a professional makeup artist. Being a makeup artist myself, I must admit I am a little biased, but its worth mentioning that I did hire another makeup artist for my own wedding day to avoid the stress of doing my own makeup! Let’s take a moment to explore the pros and cons of each option.

The main reason brides choose to forgo a makeup artist and do their own makeup is to SAVE MONEY. However, anyone who has done their own makeup for their wedding will tell you they spent the same amount of money or more by going the DIY route. Not to mention all the extra time and stress spent choosing the right shades, researching how to use the products, and practicing the perfect application. Even the women skilled at applying makeup still face the wedding day jitters, which are no match for even the steadiest hands (myself included!).

The advantages of hiring a professional makeup artist: you will save time, money, and stress. It’s best to have a trial session done beforehand so your makeup artist can create a look you love and make sure the two of you are a great fit. Your makeup artist will know exactly how to accentuate your best features so that you will photograph beautifully… and all you’ll have to do is sit back and be pampered. It's very relaxing and really fun to get your makeup done with your bridesmaids and family members! 

Makeup artists that travel onsite will save you time and stress by coming to you on the wedding day. And they typically carry pro-quality products with longer wear and better performance than the standard consumer products (such as airbrush makeup). You won't need to lift a finger!

DIY or Pro Makeup Artist…the choice is yours! Just don’t wait until the last moment to make your decision- word travels fast in the wedding world, especially when it comes to finding amazing vendors. Most reputable makeup artists’ calendars book up to a year or more in advance. If you choose to go with a pro, book them as soon as possible before someone else does!

Photo Credit: Tetyana McGowan

Photo Credit: Tetyana McGowan