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Skin Goals: How To Get Pretty Skin For Your Event

Photo:  Laur Nash

Photo: Laur Nash

You want to look your best for a wedding or special event. That’s understandable! A lot of eyes will be on you, and you want to look incredible and feel confident. Of course makeup plays a big part in that, but makeup can only do so much. It all starts with great skin. The better your skin looks and feels, the better your makeup will look and wear. 

So how do you get the best skin ever in time for your event? Like most things in life, getting gorgeous, glowing skin takes some time and effort. I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the top skincare professionals in Toledo, Jody Light, who is a licensed esthetician and owner of the Skin Studio. She allowed me to experience derma planing and an O2 lift treatment and I’ve got to say- my skin has never looked better! 

Here are some of the questions I asked Jody and my takeaways from our time together. 

1. How soon should I start a skincare routine before my event? The sooner the better. 9 months to a year in advance would be the best case scenario. But if you don’t have that much time, it’s okay. Just start good skincare habits as soon as possible and make an appointment with an esthetician (a skincare pro that will assess your personalized skin needs). 

2. What do you wish more people knew about taking care of their skin? Three things. First, the little steps you do now will make a big difference in how your skin ages. Prevention is much easier than correction. What you do at home accounts for 75% of your skin health. Second, starting a skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Third, SPF is a must. The sun is the #1 thing that ages our skin. Use SPF daily mixed into your moisturizer to protect your skin.

3. What is dermaplaning and why do I need it? Dermaplaning is a treatment where a small scalpel is used to gently remove dead skin cells and facial hair (I call it peach fuzz!). I got to experience this myself in Jody’s studio and was really surprised by how much of a difference it made! The result is instant and I saw smoother skin texture and tone right away. I also noticed the fine lines on my forehead diminished. After dermaplaning, my skincare products and makeup went on much smoother too! If you’ve never had dermaplaning done before, you should try it about a week before your event. If you have tried it before, the ideal time to get it done before your event is 1-2 days. 

4. What if I don’t have a skincare routine? What products do I need? Four basic things: a cleanser (use it for 60 seconds rubbing your face with your fingers), a serum (customized for your skin type - ask your esthetician what your skin needs), a daily moisturizer with SPF, and an eye cream. 

5. What are your best skincare tips? Use SPF. Drink a lot of water. Never go to bed with makeup on - even one time will make a difference. Get a treatment 2-3 days before your event. Use a sheet mask the night before your event to wake up with fresh, hydrated skin. 

There you have it! Some of the best ways to get flawless skin and help your makeup look extra gorgeous for a wedding, prom, gala, party, etc.

For more information on how to reach your skin goals, reach out to Jody Light for an appointment as soon as possible- her calendar fills up fast! To make an appointment, call or text 567-225-0216 or visit .