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The Most Common Questions Brides Ask Makeup Artists


The Most Common Questions Brides Ask Makeup Artists

If you’ve never had your makeup professionally done before, you probably feel really overwhelmed by the process of searching for an artist you love and figuring out what questions to ask before booking your date. Here are the questions brides ask us most frequently!

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What is airbrush makeup and why is it best for weddings?

If you haven’t tried airbrush makeup before, you’ve probably at least heard of it. It’s important to know that not all airbrush makeup is created equal. There are different formulas, brands, equipment and techniques - so the quality and results can vary from artist to artist. Our team uses a silicone-based formula that is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and sweat-resistant. This formula gets sprayed through a handheld airbrush gun and applied to your face in tiny dots which results in a beautiful effect. It feels virtually weightless and holds up well in heat and humidity for up to 18 hours, which is why our brides love it. The finish looks just like skin, so if you prefer more of a matte look with no shine whatsoever, it may not be best choice for you (don’t worry, we offer traditional makeup as well). Most of our clients choose airbrush makeup due to how long it lasts and how natural it looks both in person and on camera. 

Do you travel onsite? 

One of the main benefits of hiring a makeup artist is the luxury of having them travel to you. Be sure to ask your artist if they travel and what their travel fee is to your location. You’ll save yourself and your bridal party so much time and stress by having your beauty team come to you instead of rushing all over town the morning of. Especially if it’s raining on your day (we sure hope not!)

I don’t wear much makeup. can you still work with me?

We completely understand that you probably aren’t used to wearing makeup on a daily basis and might be a little anxious about choosing a look for your wedding. I personally don’t wear a lot of makeup myself but I know I need it for pictures, so what I like to do is create makeup looks that are fresh and polished but not too done-up. We will tailor the look to your own personal style by building light layers and soft tones. The goal is the bring out the best version of you, highlighting your best features while still letting YOU shine through - nothing too over the top. We want you to feel comfortable and pretty!

How long does it take to do everyone’s makeup? 

Every artist is different, but we typically like to plan 35-45 minutes for each bridesmaid or mother and 1 hour with the bride for makeup. Timing could change based on the party’s makeup style, but very rarely do we ever run overtime. We also build in 15 minutes for setup and 15 minutes for tear down. Depending on the size of your bridal party, you may want several artists working at the same time. There is an additional fee to add a second artist or assistant, but this will expedite your service time significantly which is perfect for brides with larger bridal parties or only a short amount of time to get ready.

When should I book you for my wedding?

Wedding dates are first come first serve and we tend to book out as early as 8-12 months in advance, especially during popular months of May through November. Dates can only be secured with a signed contract and 50% retainer. We recommend booking as soon as possible to have the best opportunity to secure your date.

What if some of my bridesmaids may not want their makeup done? 

We’re going to be 100% real with you - it’s YOUR day and they’re YOUR photos that you will share with your family years from now. If all of your bridesmaids have similar dresses and bouquets, doesn’t it make sense that their makeup and hair should look similar as well? What it usually comes down to is not that someone doesn’t want their makeup done (because who doesn’t want to look #flawless?) - there’s usually a budget issue involved. Alternatively, there may be someone in your party who thinks they’re great at makeup and doesn’t need a pro artist. The fact is, even if someone is very good at doing their own makeup on a daily basis, it may not photograph and last the way that it should throughout such a long emotional day. Plus, it’s a fun experience getting all dolled up with a group of girls!

Our goal is for all eyes to be on YOU - not your cousin who decided today was the perfect day to wear her favorite dark purple lipstick. Makeup for photography has different requirements that makeup artists are trained to understand and manipulate. If the bridesmaids budget is the main issue for them sitting out on makeup, perhaps you might wish to gift them a portion of their makeup service? Many brides do this instead of giving a physical bridesmaids gift, and end up very happy with their photos.

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Wedding Pro Spotlight: The Legacy Golf Club


Wedding Pro Spotlight: The Legacy Golf Club

Many of our bridal clients book us early on in their planning process, so we often get asked about unique places nearby to hold a ceremony or reception. Most brides want to get married by the water, near the woods, or on a golf course. We found a spot that offers all three! 

Recently we had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful venues in Southeast Michigan- The Legacy Golf Club in Ottawa Lake. It’s just 2.5 miles from I-23 North, only about 10-15 minutes from Toledo. Their sweet event coordinator, Dawn Decator, was so kind to take some time out of her busy schedule to give us a tour and show us why The Legacy is one of the best-kept secret wedding venues in the Toledo area. 

There is a pretty chapel onsite, so the ceremony/reception can take place in the same location eliminating the need for transportation and saving you money. The Legacy holds up to 200 people inside, but can also accommodate an outdoor tent for larger weddings. 

We love the interior of the building with its high ceilings and lovely wood beams. There are lots of windows with beautiful views of water, woods, and tall grasses that help give it it’s airy vibe. There is a gorgeous, modern bridal suite with plenty of natural light and enough space for about 6-8 people so hair and makeup services can be done onsite. 

Dawn explained to us how she carefully helps set each wedding timeline, coordinates the day of the wedding and even offers packages that include a DJ and cake which take a ton of work off of the brides and grooms shoulders. 

We think the Legacy is a wonderful place to explore if you're on the hunt for your perfect wedding venue! If you'd like to set up a tour with Dawn to see the space for yourself, you can reach her at (734) 854-1101 or . 

Stay tuned for our next wedding pro spotlight coming very soon! 

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