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Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You Can Actually Wear

Our clients always want to know what’s currently “on trend.” We all know about the contouring and strobing crazes that plagued 2015 and early 2016. That’s ALL over now! ( artists everywhere breathe a sigh of relief). So what’s next?? Well, the New York Fashion Week runways featured many art-forward trends for fall. We picked the most wearable looks for everyday women and we want to share them with you! You can try one or all of them- who knows, you might just find your new favorite beauty routine. 

#1. Black Eyeliner all the way around the eye.

The more worn-in looking the eyeliner is, the better! But it MUST be black. Preferably in the waterline, all around the eye on top and bottom (you can skip your inner corners if you’d like). We love L’Oreal Infallible’s 16 Hour Eyeliner in Carbon Black because it stays put, has a smudger tool on the opposite end, and is SUPER black. You can also use a cotton swab to smudge out your liner or clean up any mistakes. 



#2. Almost-Black Berry Lipstick paired with a Bare Eye Look for a Modern- Gothic Vibe

This trend isn’t for the makeup shy gals out there! It’s a bold look with a lot of attitude. But if you think you can pull it off we say own it! Just make sure you look for very dark colors close to black with a hint of purple or red in them. If you close your mouth and smile as big as you can, you’ll get the cleanest, sharpest lip line possible. This lip look is so fierce, we recommend leaving the rest of your face as natural as possible (foundation, powder, mascara, and brows should do it).

#3. Glitter. Eyeshadow, liner, lips, wherever you want to sparkle!

Glitter isn’t just for fabulous five year olds. And if you apply it correctly, your face won’t look like a disco ball at the end of the night either. Here’s how to work this trend like a pro…

1- It’s very important you don’t use just ANY glitter - if its going on your eye region it MUST be a cosmetic-grade glitter, such as the kind from our friends at Lit Cosmetics (they’re like the Swarovski crystals of the glitter makeup department). Using craft store glitter or other cheap glitters can result in damage and irritation to your eye, so don’t slack- look for the good stuff! 

2- You gotta glue it. Start with a glitter glue as your primer. Lit Cosmetics has a great one, or Glitter Glue from TooFaced is fantastic as well. Apply with your finger. Fill a brush with glitter, and carefully pat it on top of the primer. It will stick and stay put! For added insurance, spray a setting spray over your face like Urban Decay All Nighter. 



#4. Peach colors in the Fall!

Normally peach is considered a spring color, but this year we are mixing it up! Peach tones create a fresh, unexpected monochromatic tone for autumn. Pairing a peachy shadow with a peach lip and cheek makes for an effortlessly pretty look that goes with just about anything. And it shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes. Bonus points if you can find a multitasking product (lipsticks can double as cream blushes)!



#5. Stained, stamped on red lips.

Don't use a brush, put it on with your ring finger and it will look much cooler. It shouldn't look too perfect either. Deep, rich colors look best. While you can achieve this look best with an actual lipstick, you can get a similar effect with Revlon's ColorStay Kissable Balm Stains (a staple in our personal makeup bags for years!). 

There you have it - the hottest makeup trends for Fall 2016. Which one is your favorite? Drop us a comment below and tell us what you think! We bet you want to go shop for new makeup now. (P.S. We heart makeup shopping. Want to bring us with you on your next trip to Sephora or another beauty counter? Contact us for our personal consulting rates!)

Until next time.