Wish you could do your own makeup like a pro? This intimate one-on-one service is designed to help educate you on the realm of makeup application to find what works best for your own skin type and tone. You will learn how to choose products based on your ideal make up routine. Your artist will help you clean out your makeup bag and rebuild it in a way designed to suit your individual skin type, coloring, and application needs. Learn all about textures, skin care, application techniques, and tools that will help you simplify your makeup routine and make your mornings run a bit smoother. Your artist will teach you about skin prep, color-correction, sculpting the face with highlight/contour, selecting your perfect foundation shade, how to build your makeup to last, and more! Each lesson is customized to YOUR needs.

Learning tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist will allow you to stop the cycle of buying products and not using them because they either don’t work for you or you just aren’t sure how to apply them correctly. Private lesson rates start at $75/hour. Typically 2 hours is needed to cover a full face lesson. Lessons tend to book about 3-4 weeks in advance.

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What is it? A Makeup + Vino Class is a fun social event where you explore the world of makeup with a pro artist in the comfort of your own home. They are great for girls' night, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and anyone who is bored with their makeup routine or needs to get out of a beauty rut.

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How does it work? The concept is similar to a wine and canvas class, except your face is the canvas in this case!

The host invites 4 or more of their friends or family members (minimum booking is 5 people including yourself). Each person pays $65, the host pays $35 (depending on the location a travel fee may be added as well). The makeup artist and everyone invited comes to your home. Each person brings their own makeup bags and brushes. Your artist brings her pro knowledge and expertise. For 2 hours, your makeup artist will cover a variety of fun topics like makeup and brush care, application techniques, current trends, favorite products, etc. This is a hands-on follow along class with Q+A time at the end. Your artist will leave you with a list of her favorite products and a detailed outline of the makeup application.

There is no pressure to purchase anything as this is an artistry-focused class with no products for sale, but your artist can certainly suggest products just for you if you'd like. This is a fun way to improve your current makeup routine while socializing with your friends/family.

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